Terror in Brussels

Terror in Brussels

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

Brussels, Cuba and Brazil, Refugee Crisis

Episode: Brussels, Cuba and Brazil, Refugee Crisis

  • Mar 22, 2016 9:00 pm
  • 18:10 mins

Guest: Jereon Dewulf, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of German and the Director of European Studies at the University of California—Berkeley  Three explosions in the airport and a metro station of the Belgian capital left more than 30 people dead. The extreme terror group ISIS – or the Islamic State – has claimed responsibility.  It’s a strike at the heart of the European Union and likely also linked to the arrest last Friday of the sole surviving fugitive believed to have participated in November’s terror attacks in Paris.  That man and a suspected accomplice were captured in a suburb of Brussels called Molenbeek, which has been called Europe’s capital of jihad. Per-capita, Belgium is Europe’s largest contributor of ISIS fighters in Syria.