Dylan's Lecture
  • Aug 16, 2017 6:00 am
  • 58:08 mins

Stories are passed on and recorded in various ways. And in this episode, with performances by The Acting Company and conversation amongst The Apple Seed team about Bob Dylan's Nobel Laureate lecture, we wanted to examine and celebrate stories that originated as written literature. The Princess and the Chest (2:30) A story taken from a collection of fairytales. Learn more about The Acting Company by visiting: www.facebook.com/TACactingcompany Conversation about Dylan's Lecture (26:14) The Rivals by Mitch Capel (38:41) A poem orginially written by Paul Laurence Dunbar about some young men fighting over a girl. Learn more about Mitch Capel by visiting: www.gjbug.com The Young Visitors Chapter One (45:20) Performed by The Acting Company this is the first chapter of a book written by a nine year old. The reading is intended to reflect the author's unique spellings.