• Jun 1, 2017 6:00 am
  • 57:20 mins
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It's been said that you can't always control what happens to you but you can control how you respond to it and in this episode characters decide to react with vengeance. Tales of wronged lovers and mistreated individuals in general, there are stories from Judith Heineman, David Holt and Bill Mooney, Michael Reno Harrell, Andy Offutt Irwin, and Richard and Judy Dockery Young. Stories and songs in this episode are: The Juniper Tree (1:45) An evil stepmother plots to get rid of her husband's son so that she can inherit all his money. After she carries out her plan the boy returns as a bird and reveals the truth through his song. A Brothers' Grimm tale told by Judith Heineman with musical accompaniment by Dan Marcotte. Learn more about Judith Heineman, who co-chaired the 2003 National Storytelling Conference, by visiting The Motorcycle Gang (17:18) A motorcycle gang bully a truckdriver at a diner. The truckdriver responds with an "eye for an eye" kind of reaction. David Holt and Bill Mooney have an album of stories together and you can learn more about them on David's website Texas Woman (19:30) A song about a Texas woman with a broken heart who's out to break the jaw of her former man. Learn more about the Americana musician and storyteller, Michael Reno Harrell by visiting Fancy (23:16) Performed by David Holt, Henry develops an obsessive attitude towards his wife and decides to confine her so that he doesn't have to share her. That doesn't work so he decides to poison her afterwhich Fancy finds some retribution. The Outrageous Phone Bill (33:25) When a man tells his wife to leave the house, she leaves a little goodbye gift. Told by David Holt and accompanied by Bill Mooney, this story is from their compilation CD "Spiders in the Hairdo: Modern Urban Legends". Generational Revenge (35:45) Sometimes the revenge we seek backfires in unexpected ways. Recipient of the 2013 Circle of Excellence Award from the National Storytelling Network, you can learn more about Andy Offutt Irwin by visiting Ghost of Vengeance (47:36) A story from Japan about a samurai who gets rid of his wife so that he can chase after another pretty maiden. His wife, though dead, does not let him off the hook. Learn more about Richard and Judy Dockery Young, the nationally published couple, by visiting

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