Helping the Elderly Grieve

Helping the Elderly Grieve

The Lisa Show

Overcoming Sadness and Managing COVID

Episode: Overcoming Sadness and Managing COVID

  • Jan 14, 2021 2:40 pm
  • 17:00 mins

Out of the many emails we receive daily, the ones that make us happiest come from you, our listeners. Recently Becky wrote to us with a topic suggestion. She said: “My mother was recently widowed. Dad died of a brain tumor and was gone over the course of just two weeks from diagnosis to dying. I’m looking for ideas... to support my cute 81-year-old mom. She’s fun and is moving forward so well, but I know there’s an expert out there with great advice. ”We know Becky isn’t alone in this, so we’ve invited psychotherapist and founder of Center for Purposeful Aging, Sarah Hiller-Bersson, to offer her expert advice.