How Woodpeckers Will Save Football

How Woodpeckers Will Save Football

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 1, Episode 1385 , Segment 1

Episode: Woodpeckers Save Football, Children and Apologies, History of Exhaustion

  • Dec 28, 2017 5:00 pm
  • 40:44 mins

Dr. David Smith has been practicing medicine for 27 years and has spent the last 9 years studying Traumatic Brain Injuries. He is a Visiting Research Scientist at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center. He is the President and CEO of Traumatic Brain Injury Innovations LLC, overseeing all their operations. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) also known as concussions, are a major cause of death and disability in the United States and contribute to about 30% of all injury deaths.  With Will Smiths starring role as a Nigerian Forensic Pathologist, the movie Concussion has brought nationwide attention to the negative effects of TBIs.  What can we do to prevent these types of injuries and how can Woodpeckers help?  Dr. David Smith with some ideas.

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