Employees vs. Workers

Employees vs. Workers

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European Drama, Manhattanhenge, Polio Curing Cancer

Episode: European Drama, Manhattanhenge, Polio Curing Cancer

  • Jul 10, 2018 11:00 pm
  • 19:42 mins

Guest: Julia Penny Clark, Attorney of Employment and Labor Law, Bredhoff and Kaiser Law Firm In the last decade, arbitration agreements have become really common. Cell companies typically require their customers to sign them. So do doctors and hospitals. The upshot is that you sign away your right to sue if something goes wrong; you have to resolve the dispute through arbitration instead. The US Supreme Court recently ruled that companies can require their employees to sign arbitration agreements preventing them from suing - or even banding together - to tackle complaints over things like wage discrimination or overtime policies.  Large companies say arbitration is cheaper, faster and at least as fair as resolving disputes in court. Employees say it puts them at a major disadvantage.