Preserving Ancient Japanese Boatbuilding
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Preserving Ancient Japanese Boatbuilding

Constant Wonder - Season 1, Episode 2 , Segment 1

S1 E2: The Ancient Craft of Japanese Boatbuilding

Episode: S1 E2: The Ancient Craft of Japanese Boatbuilding

  • Dec 9, 2021 11:00 am

Douglas Brooks apprentices with elderly Japanese boatbuilders, often the only apprentice to whom these masters have taught their ancient art. Typically, an apprenticeship involves years of quiet observation, even stealing secrets from the master, but Brooks is in a race against time to preserve this dying art. Now, he is the master teaching young Japanese (and American) artists these centuries-old skills.  Guest: Douglas Brooks, author of five books on Japanese boatbuilding, most recently "Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding," and visiting faculty teacher at Middlebury College and Bates College