Kassie's Favorites
  • Oct 17, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 57:17 mins

Assistant Producer Kassie Schreiber shares some her favorite stories, tellers, and moments that she’s had so far while working on The Apple Seed. Tellers include Susan Klein, Willy Claflin, and Kim Weitkamp, as well as a featured segment from our previous episode, “Moral of the Story”. Persephone by Susan Klein (2:52) Susan Klein's interpretation of the age old Greek myth of Persephone. Learn more about Susan Klein by visiting: www.susanklein.net Brazilian Folk Characters (18:14) A clip from The Apple Seed episode "The Moral of the Story", wherein Andre Marques, our sound engineer, explains some Brazilian folk characters he remembers from his childhood. You can listen to the rest of that episode by clicking on this link: Moral of the Story So What and Drop Dead by Willy Claflin (24:18) Maynard Moose’s take on Snow White and Rose Red. Learn more about Willy Claflin by visiting: www.willyclaflin.com WZIX by Kim Weitkamp (34:50) A story from Kim's childhood about how her mother helped her process the first brush of grief. Learn more about Kim Weitkamp by visiting: www.kimweitkamp.com

Episode Segments