• Apr 18, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 52:44 mins

We all have had or will have moments that change the flow of our lives and on that topic we wanted to share these stories with you: Tempering: Of Treehouses and Tragedy by Kylie Turley (1:36) Kylie’s son falls out of their treehouse and suffers traumatic brain injury, changing her life forever. My Grandmother's Hair by Kevin Cordi (14:55) Kevin reminisces about his grandmother's hair and how it embodied the spirit of her younger more wild years. Learn more about Kevin Cordi by visiting: www.kevincordi.com Occam's Razor by Dolores Hydock (21:33) Dolores’s mother gets sick and lives with her for 8 months and Dolores is moved by how many people step forward to help them. Learn more about Dolores Hydock by visiting: www.storypower.org Aunt Esther Saves a Life by Donald Davis (35:00) When Donald is a little boy he draws on his aunt’s wall in permanent marker. She hides his drawing so that his mother doesn’t get upset. Learn more about Donald Davis by visiting: www.ddavisstoryteller.com The Night that Changed Everything by Geraldine Buckley (43:16) Geraldine does a poetry workshop in a prison. The inmates scare her at first but then the power of creativity and words creates a special bond between her and them. Learn more about Geraldine Buckley by visiting: www.geraldinebuckley.com

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