Forgiveness in Marriage

Forgiveness in Marriage

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Saving Money and Narcissism

Episode: Saving Money and Narcissism

  • Mar 16, 2021 12:00 pm
  • 17:24 mins

When you spend a significant amount of time with someone, the more likely you are to step on each other’s toes every now and then. But sometimes, you can really hurt each other, especially if the other person is your spouse. When we’re married, or even when we’re just in a romantic relationship, it’s easy to become casual in the ways we treat and talk to our partner. This can lead to deep feelings of hurt, the kind of hurt that makes us angry, frustrated, and unforgiving. But forgiveness is exactly what we need in these situations. So how do we forgive when the person we love the most hurts us? To help us out, we’ve invited marriage coaches Danielle and Howard Taylor to share their four factors of forgiveness.