The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 582 , Segment 2

Episode: Purpose and Passion, Petitions, Kitchen Organization, Women in STEM, Board Games, Snail Mail, World's Largest Frying Pan, Everyday Heroes

  • Nov 3, 2020 1:18 pm
  • 14:52 mins

One of the blessings of living in America is the first amendment, which gives us the right to freedom of speech and to petition the government. There are a lot of differing opinions swirling the United States, but you might not have to storm the white house or start a protest rally to get your opinion across, for centuries people have been making a difference by quietly just collecting some signatures. Petitioning is one of the oldest and maybe simplest ways citizens have advocated throughout history. But with petitioning moving online, is it still even effective? Here to tell us the real impact of those signatures is Harvard professor specializing in petition research, Daniel Carpenter.

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