Sage Grouse at Risk

Sage Grouse at Risk

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Sage Grouse at Risk, Catholicism in America

Episode: Sage Grouse at Risk, Catholicism in America

  • Sep 18, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 50:46 mins

Guests:  Randy Larsen, BYU wildlife biology professor; Mark Farmer, habitat manager, Central Region, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Most people who grew up in the West, probably never gave much much thought to the stubby sagebrush that dot the landscape, sometimes as far as you can see.  But decades of wildfire, mining and development have caused sagebrush to disappear in large numbers, along with species that rely on the plant. As a result, the US Fish and Wildlife Service will soon decide whether or not to place a bird called the “Greater sage-grouse” on the endangered species list. Its natural habitat spans 11 states – which means an endangered listing could disrupt ranching, mining and development across the West. Our panelists explain the importance of the sage grouse and the threats it faces.