Mentoring Teens

Mentoring Teens

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Talking about Politics and Mentoring Teens

Episode: Talking about Politics and Mentoring Teens

  • Jan 22, 2021 2:00 pm
  • 15:50 mins

As parents, we love to talk about the terrible twos or how difficult it is to have a tween, but the truth is—kids can be tricky at any age. That being said, the teen years do seem to have their own special difficulties. Raising a teen is hard, but being a teen is hard too, and kids need a lot of help and guidance! Unfortunately, not every teenager gets the help and guidance that they need. That’s why programs that help teens in need are so important! Here to talk to us today is the founder of such a program—Paul Muratore—founder of Connections Mentoring, a program that provides mentors for struggling teens.