Railroad Stories

Railroad Stories

The Apple Seed

  • Aug 31, 2016 6:00 am
  • 58:10 mins
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On today's episode, our history lesson is hopping the rails! Listen to stories and songs about railroads all across North America throughout the last few centuries. Railroad Bill Railroad Bill was an African American outlaw in the American Southeast, often portrayed as a Robin Hood type of character with many legends surrounding him. David Holt & Doc Watson bring him to life with this finger pickin' song. To learn more about David Holt & Doc Watson visit www.davidholt.com/mentors/doc-watson North Platte Canteen The North Platte Canteen was a railroad stop manned by local citizens of North Platte, Nebraska, United Stats that operated from 1941 to 1946. Located along the tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad, these local citizens provided refreshments, hospitality, and creature comforts to soldiers traveling during ten- to fifteen-minute stopovers. To learn more about Pippa White visit www.pippawhiteonecompany.com Railroad Blessing (song) Sam Payne and friends, commissioned to create stories and songs celebrating the railroad in American history, share this song about the railroad work ethic. In this section, enjoy a taste of some of the railroad museums Sam Payne visited in his research for our railroad episode. The Train That Carried My Girl From Town A goodbye along the tracks of a long-gone train performed by David Holt & Doc Watson. To learn more about David Holt & the legendary Doc Watson visit www.davidholt.com/mentors/doc-watson Down, Down, Down Sam Payne and friends-- Ryan Rilby, Drew & Lacy Williams, Nick Chamberlain, Suzanne Christensen-- created a story and song to celebrate the creation of the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel in Southern Utah. To learn more about the history of this landmark visit Train Life's journeys take many forms, and Kevin Kling has traveled far and wide. To learn more about Kevin Kling visit www.kevinkling.com

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