Civil War Photos

Civil War Photos

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Saying 'No' to El Chapo, Tooth Enamel, Death Penalty

Episode: Saying 'No' to El Chapo, Tooth Enamel, Death Penalty

  • Jan 21, 2016 10:00 pm
  • 13:35 mins

Guest: Bob Zeller, President of the Center for Civil War Photography  Last year a trove of remarkable photos documenting life before and during the Civil War arrived at the Library of Congress and is being digitized for people to view online. The pictures themselves are remarkable, but so, too, is the story of how they came to be in a single collection.  The photos offer a glimpse at daily life of southern slaves before the war and extend all the way to a shot of Abraham Lincoln’s Illinois home draped in a black-and-white mourning cloth after his assassination. The Library of Congress announced last week it had acquired more than 500 of these images from the collection of an 87-year-old Texas grandmother.  View the photos here: Library of Congress: Robin Stanford Collection