Eya the Camp Swallower

Eya the Camp Swallower

The Apple Seed

Laps, Monsters, and Skunks, Oh My!

Episode: Laps, Monsters, and Skunks, Oh My!

  • Jul 7, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 21:07 mins

Thomason’s journey as a storyteller and artist began with the childhood influence of her Kiowa Apache grandmother Dovie, whose name Thomason proudly carries. With a tremendous background in the arts, Native Studies, and the oral traditions of the First Nations across North America, Thomason has utilized her talent and graces to share invaluable lessons about human nature and indigenous worldviews. This story, shared before a lived audience, is about that time of day when the sun is fading and our bones are ready to be chilled... To learn more about Dovie Thomason visit doviethomason.com