Why Isn't Age Part of Diversity Intiatives?

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode undefined

  • Nov 17, 2020 1:34 pm
  • 18:14 mins

America’s offices and boardrooms are more diverse than ever. Diversity and inclusion initiatives are becoming an established part of corporate culture in order to create workforces representing people from all demographics. However, upon second glance it seems that corporate America is missing one very specific demographic—it’s older generations. And when I say older I don’t mean your 75 year-old grandpa who should be enjoying a hard-earned retirement. I mean those who are 50 and up—young enough to work (and to still want to work) but old enough to look at the work through the lens of someone who has a few decades of experience. Here to talk with us today about what diversity and inclusion initiatives are missing is author of “Aging in America” and founder of the Miami-and New York City-based consultancy AmeriCulture, Dr. Larry Samuel.