Like a ____ to me
  • Aug 22, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 56:55 mins

When we’re young, we are born into certain relationships: we may have parents,siblings, grandparents, but what’s interesting is that as we get older, wefind ourselves becoming attached to people outside of our family unit: friends, teachers, coaches, coworkers... we build this big web of connections, and some of those bonds turn friends (or animals) into something deeper, like a mother, sister, brother or son. Naomi and Britta (1:33) Naomi Campbell and Britta Watts talk about the day they first met, what bonded them as roommates, what they’ve done to maintain their sisterly relationship, and how much they love each other. Billy Boy by Laura Pershin Raynor (16:53) Laura’s grandmother treats her bird, Billy Boy, like a member of the family. Learn more about Laura Pershin Raynor by visiting: Irma by Donald Davis (26:02) Donald meets his mother-in-law, Irma, for the first time, and talks about how she was always willing to take care of others before herself. Learn more about Donald Davis by visiting: