Arthur C. Brooks
  • Sep 21, 2018 4:00 pm
  • 36:10 mins
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"Why Giving Matters" by Arthur C. Brooks Brooks’s academic career began with studies on arts funding and orchestra operations, but he soon found his niche studying culture, politics, and economics. His research on behavioral economics catapulted him to fame as he specialized in studying philanthropy and nonprofit organizations. Brooks’s research finds that those who give are happier and more economically prosperous than those who don’t. Perhaps the most profound influence that Brooks’s research has had on him personally is his family’s decision to adopt a daughter from China. After reading Brooks’ research on how giving increases happiness, his wife, Ester, suggested that they adopt a child. Despite his initial trepidations, Brooks says, “And what about our giving experiment? In truth, I don’t know or care what my daughter has done for my income or health. But my happiness? It spikes every time she looks at me and I remember the magic day we met.” Brooks lives in Maryland with his wife and three children. Arthur C. Brooks' forum address at Brigham Young University explains the principle of charitable giving. He challenges students and faculty to "discover more creative solutions to working these concepts \[of giving] into our everyday life." This address was given February 24, 2009. For the full text, audio, and video of this speech, visit: Arthur C. Brooks

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