The Supreme Court Rules for Privacy

The Supreme Court Rules for Privacy

Top of Mind with Julie Rose - Radio Archive, Episode 843 , Segment 1

Episode: Supreme Court Rules for Privacy, Lab-Grown Diamonds, Sustainable Urban Design

  • Jun 27, 2018 11:00 pm
  • 21:33 mins

Guest: Cyrus Farivar, Senior Tech Policy Reporter, Ars Technica, Author of “Habeas Data: Privacy vs. the Rise of Surveillance Tech” Amid several rulings being made by the Supreme Court right now, there's a major privacy ruling on the case of a man named Tim Carpenter, who was convicted of robbing Radio Shack and T-Mobile stores. Police were able to arrest him because they got four months of his cell phone location data from his wireless provider, but got that info without a warrant, which Carpenter says was a violation of his fourth amendment rights. The Supreme Court agreed. Listen to our conversation with Cyrus Farivar about his book Habeas Data

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