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Popular Colleges, Homesteading, Letterjoy

Episode: Popular Colleges, Homesteading, Letterjoy

  • Mar 8, 2018
  • 17:11 mins

Guest: Michael Sitver, Founder, Letterjoy Those of us of a certain age, remember the excitement of finding a handwritten letter waiting like a little present in your mailbox. This was back when, long-distance phone calls were expensive and texting was a sci-fi dream. The daily check at the mailbox was a highlight because it brought more than just bills and ads.  A 21-year-old undergraduate political science major at The University of Chicago has founded a company that brings that feeling back. It’s called Letterjoy, and it delivers a weekly letter, with a twist: they’re re-creations of historic letters between famous people. For example, a young Wilbur Wright writing to the Smithsonian to request research about birds and flight. Which is the kind of thing you had to use letters for before the internet! If you would like a letter sent to you, click here.