S1 E8: The Cavern of Bethesda
  • May 5, 2023 12:00 pm
  • 26:30 mins

After a tragic accident, a pair of cousins search for a legendary cave rumored to have miraculous healing powers. Content advisory: This episode contains a depiction of a fatal car accident. We’re gonna get you through it safely, and we think you’ll really enjoy the story, but we know that such material can be difficult for some listeners. Cast: Abraham Charles as Jimmy, Olivia Marshall as Alyssa, Brent Marshall as Grandpa, Kris Peterson as Mom, and Peggy Woodruff as Ms. Jenkins. You can contact us at kaboompodcast@byu.edu. If you like the show, rate us and leave us a review—we're a brand new show, so it will help more people find us!