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QuestBridge Scholarship

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The Princess Spy and the California Exodus

Episode: The Princess Spy and the California Exodus

  • Mar 5, 2021 1:00 pm
  • 16:47 mins

As we’re approaching the anniversary of when the world changed, it can sometimes be hard to feel hopeful. This year has been hard for so many reasons for the whole world. But good continues and will prevail. Babies have been born, couples have gotten married, a vaccine has been created, and peoples’ dreams have come true. One of those people is Mariah Jones. Mariah Jones is a high school senior who has worked to be the best that she can possibly be. Mariah has been a model student, participated in school clubs, and has even worked two after-school jobs to help support her single mother. Well, this young woman’s hard work has paid off with a Questbridge full-ride scholarship to Vassar college! Here to tell us all about it is Mariah Jones herself!