My Very Own Blanket
  • Jun 22, 2021 12:00 pm
  • 13:22 mins

Currently trending on Tik Tok is a fad where Gen Z and Millennial adults share with their followers their childhood blankets that they still sleep with. To be honest, the trend is both touching and bizarre. Watching them hold up their blanket that now looks like it has been through a wood chipper, many have taken the time to reflect on the role of their childhood blankie. In fact, more and more researchers are finding that the use of a comfort blanket actually does have psychological benefits. They can help children deal with negative attachment issues and cope better in moments of high anxiety and stress. However, for many children in the Foster Care program they don’t have their childhood blankie with them to protect them from their struggles and hardships. One organization, My Very Own Blanket, is working to provide children in the Foster Care Program their own handmade blanket to take with them as they move through the system. Here to tell us more about their organization is founder and CEO, Jessica Rudolph.