All in a Day's Work

All in a Day's Work

The Apple Seed

  • Nov 3, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 57:28 mins
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Getting a job done isn’t always the easiest. The tasks you perform may be laborious and tedious, may require some thought before finding an innovative solution, or could be downright bizarre. Whatever the effort may be, the stories and songs in this episode highlight the good that can come after working all the livelong day. The Talking Eggs by Diane Ferlatte (1:22) A Cinderella-esque story, tormented Blanche spends a night assisting an old woman with some strange chores and is rewarded with some talking eggs. Learn more about Diane Ferlatte by visiting: Sandals by Fran Stallings (19:31) From her album, Stories and Songs for a Green Earth, this story is about a king who wants to walk amongst his people to learn how to better serve them. However, at this time no one wears shoes and the rich people’s feet are just too sensitive to walk among the poor so the king, with help from his wife, figures out a solution! Learn more about Fran Stallings by visiting: The Hired Girl by Liz Weir (25:10) A young girl gets hired by a couple who has a nice wife but a frightening husband. During a snowstorm one night the wife gets stuck in town leaving her husband to tear up the house, frightening the young is about to be harmed when a mysterious horseman barges in and whisks her away to safety. Learn more about Liz Weir by visiting: With My Own Two Hands by Jenni Cargill Strong (29:16) A song about changing the world with your own two hands. Learn more about Jenni Cargill Strong by visiting: How the Beggar Boy Married the Chief's Daughter by Antonio Rocha (32:57) The chief will let anyone marry his daughter if they can catch a magnificent iguana he sees on his walk everyday. After so many people fail, the beggar boy tries some tricks of his own. Learn more about Antonio Rocha by visiting: The Goat and the Antelope Farm Together by Glenda Bonin (39:55) Working with other can occasionally present a challenge, but Goat figures out a way to set things straight after Antelope behaves dishonestly. Learn more about Glenda Bonin by visiting: Jack and the Box of Gold by Bobby Norfolk (44:10) Jack is lazy so his parents kick him out one day to go get a job. He signs up to house sit this spooky place and when a skeleton comes out of the chimney, Jack is surprised by what ensues. So is the rest of his family when he returns to them. Learn more about Bobby Norfolk by visiting:

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