What makes Olympians

What makes Olympians

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 1, Episode 1073 , Segment 1

Episode: What Makes Olympians, Purpose Effect, ISIS Radicalization

  • Dec 28, 2016 5:00 pm
  • 42:49 mins

Dr. Brooke Macnamara is an Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University. Her research interest rest mainly in skill acquisition and expertise, communications, bilingualism, and working memory. As children we heard the phrase, “Practice makes perfect.” As adults we have heard about the “10,000 hour-rule”, if you practice anything for 10,000 hours you will become an expert in that field.  This raises the questions, “Does practice make an Olympian?” and “Can my child be the next Michael Phelps?” Dr. Macnamara on what makes an Olympian. Listen to this interview here: https://goo.gl/rt5RXY

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