A Bug's Life
  • Jul 20, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 54:48 mins

Listening to a story is sometimes equivalent to walking a mile or ten miles in someone else’s shoes and so today we wanted to walk along the path of, well, insects. We’ve gathered together some great stories that give us a little bit more insight into life as the littlest of guys - bugs. Stories included in this episode: The Pet Centipede by Sheila Starks Phillips (1:18) A man gets a talking centipede as a pet and decides to ask it to church. Learn more about Sheila Starks Phillips by visiting: www.sheilaphillips.com Teeny Tiny Fly and the Great Big Whale by Big Joe Pagliuca (4:45) Three brothers live together with a dog and a fly. All the brothers and the dog get swallowed by a whale, leaving the fly to figure out how to save them. Learn more about Big Joe by visiting: www.bigjoe.com Poor Little Bug on the Wall by Priscilla Howe (13:40) A song about the hardships of being a lonely bug on the wall. Learn more about Priscilla Howe by visiting: www.priscillahowe.com La Mariposa by Donna Washington (18:04) A story explaining why the Monarch butterfly is the way she is. Learn more about Donna Washington by visiting: www.dlwstoryteller.com Frog and Centipede by Susan Klein (29:25) A young frog keeps asking the centipede how it got its shiny armor, but he's to impatient to listen to the fulness of the tale. Learn more about Susan Klein by visiting: www.susanklein.net Paca and Beetle by Heather Forest (31:56) In this Tortoise and the Hare type of tale, Paca and Beetle engage in a race. Learn more about Heather Forest by visiting: www.heatherforest.com Ants and Grasshopper by Willy Claflin (37:47) A Maynard Moose interpretation of the classic fable, which ends a little differently than what you'd expect. Learn more about Willy Claflin by visiting: www.willyclaflin.com Princess Firefly by Diane Edgecomb (40:25) A beetle princess sends various suitors to bring her back the light of the stars in order to win her hand. Learn more about Diane Edgecomb by visiting: livingmyth.com

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