Nepal and Choice Humanitarian

Nepal and Choice Humanitarian

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Wind Energy, Nepal, Leisure and Stress, Facebook Addiction

Episode: Wind Energy, Nepal, Leisure and Stress, Facebook Addiction

  • Apr 28, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 14:35 mins

Guest: James Mayfield, Co-Founder of Choice Humanitarian and Professor Emeritus, Public Administration and Middle East Studies, University of Utah The massive earthquake that struck Nepal over the weekend is among the disasters that United Nation's officials and humanitarian groups most feared for many reasons. First of all, the international aid community is stretched thin responding to health and war-related crises across the Middle East and Africa. The humanitarian response in Nepal will be costly, given how remote and mountainous the terrain is. And the nation itself is desperately poor, its people and infrastructure ill-equipped to deal with the earthquake's devastation. It is also a major set-back for economic development efforts that have been trying to help Nepal lift itself from the category of a "Least Developed Country" to a "Developing Country" in the coming decades. James Mayfield is part of that effort, as co-founder of the nonprofit Choice Humanitarian. More information about making a contribution to help the villagers in Nepal can be found at

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