Mistakes and Lessons
  • May 23, 2017 6:00 am
  • 58:04 mins

Carl Jung said "mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not." Mistakes are a necessary part of life. That doesn't make them enjoyable, but they can become something of great worth depending on how we respond to them. We can learn valuable lessons from them, but to spare you the chagrin that usually accompanies mistakes, take a listen to theses stories instead and see what you can glean from them without having to live the experience. Stories and songs included in this episode: Thank You, Ma'am by Diane Ferlatte (1:36) Often we are able to learn from our mistakes thanks to the care and correction of those around us. Diane Ferlatte was surrounded by oral tradition growing up and was a 2008 Grammy Nominee. Learn more about Diane Ferlatte by visiting www.dianeferlatte.com Talking Woodstove Blues by Michael Reno Harrell (13:40) High power bills lead Michael Reno Harrell to buy a wood burning stove, which comes with a whole slew of extra expenses. Michael Reno Harrell consistently tops the charts of the Americana Music Association. To learn more about him, his stories, and his songs visit www.michaelreno.com Occum's Razor by Dolores Hydock (19:26) Dolores remembers her mother's experience with hospice care and though they refused to have her live in assisted living, Dolores realizes that they were being assisted by others the entire time. Dolores Hydock lives in Birmingham, Alabama where she defends her impressive garden from very large slugs. Learn more about Dolores Hydock by visiting www.storypower.org Fireworks by Lani Peterson (33:00) Lani's experience as a sound manager and how she didn't let her mistakes stop her from moving forward with her work. In addition to storytelling, Lani is currently teaching Effective Organization Communication Skills for the Masters Program at Wheelock College. Learn more about Lani Peterson by visiting lanipeterson.com The Red Velvet Ribbon by Richard & Judy Dockery Young (43:50) A rich man marries a woman who always wears a red velvet ribbon around her neck. One day his frustration over the constant presence of the ribbon gets to him and he tugs it off. Richard and Judy Dockery Young share a passion for teaching and theater and you can learn more about them by visiting www.yawp.com Mama, Mama, Ayudame by Barry Stewart Mann (46:56) Mical always says the wrong thing when he's trying to impress a girl, but he finally finds a way to communicate in a way that works for him. Barry Stewart Mann has previously been named National Storyteller of the Year and you can learn more about him by visiting https://www.barrystewartmann.com

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