Teach Girls Math, Using Social Media, Belle Jewel, Postpartum Depression

Teach Girls Math, Using Social Media, Belle Jewel, Postpartum Depression

The Lisa Show

  • Nov 6, 2018 4:00 pm
  • 1:39:25 mins
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Teach Girls Math (00:00) Math is hard for lots of people. But, according to Dr. Barbara Oakley, girls have a special tendency to steer clear from it even if they’re naturally talented at it. And it’s critical that we make our daughter practice math. Dr. Barbara Oakley is an engineering professor at Oakland University and a registered, professional engineer in the state of Michigan. You can visit her website here. Using Social Media (16:16) How can we use the best of social media without it swallowing us up in the process? Here to talk us through using social media in the best ways is familiar contributor, Jeanette Bennett. Jeanette is the founder and editor of Utah Valley Magazine, BusinessQ, Prosper Magazine, and others, a business leader, mother, and regular presenter at the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations. Belle Jewel (49:58) Belle Jewel was a top 20 contestant on season 11 of The Voice, a vocalist competition on NBC. She now works as a full time musician. Belle released her first album, “End of an Era”, earlier this year. Her latest single is called “How I”. She’s here to talk about her music, The Voice, and pursuing your dreams. You can listen visit her website here, and her music can be found on Spotify. Postpartum Depression (1:23:39) For many women, the period of time after having a baby can bring feelings of dissatisfaction, sorrow, and anxiety. However, for some of these women, things are more serious: they can be afflicted by postpartum depression, a range of mood disorders that can severely affect new parents, bringing feelings of intense sorrow, inadequacy, and anger or irritation. But how can we help the people we know who suffer from postpartum depression? Are there things we can do to make their lives easier or more pleasant? Emily Freeze, a counselor at New Beginnings Family Counseling and a postpartum specialist, joins us to discuss these questions.

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