Clean Power Plan

Clean Power Plan

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Clean Power, Glamping, Hearing Loss, Abstract Math

Episode: Clean Power, Glamping, Hearing Loss, Abstract Math

  • Aug 12, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 24:43 mins

Guest: Larry Baxter, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Engineering at BYU.  Summer is bad air season in cities across the country. Hot temperatures combine with pollutants to create ozone and other dangerous conditions bad for health.  The Environmental Protection Agency has now added CO2 to the list. That’s a big deal because, carbon dioxide doesn’t actually harm plants and people directly. But we’re well aware by now that CO2 emissions are a primary driver of global warming and now it’s the target of the EPA’s new pollution program called the Clean Power Plan. President Obama announced it to great fanfare last week. Power plant emissions are the primary target.