Go Your Own Way
  • Jun 13, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 58:17 mins

Stories inspired by Fleetwood Mac's song "Go Your Own Way" about going off into the world and finding your own path. The Prince and the Gryphon or the Truth About Boredom by Sondra Singer (2:20) An overprotected prince and an ancient and unexcited gryphon change places for a day opening each others eyes to whole new vistas. Learn more about Sondra Singer by visiting: www.sondrasinger.com The Firebird by Susan Strauss (34:27) The youngest of three brothers gets a firebird, a magical horse, and a beautiful girl, with the help of a magical wolf but not without making some mistakes along the way. Learn more about Susan Strauss by visiting: www.straussstoryteller.com The Third Little Piggy by Willy Claflin (51:34) Maynard Moose's unique spin on the classic fairytale, The Three Little Pigs. Learn more about Willy Claflin and his storytelling sidekick Maynard Moose by visiting: www.willyclaflin.com