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Presidential Cabinet, Ageism at Work, Sourdough

Episode: Presidential Cabinet, Ageism at Work, Sourdough

  • Nov 20, 2020 9:00 pm
  • 16:46 mins

Guest: Rob Dunn, Professor of Ecology and Evolution, Director, The Public Science Lab, North Carolina State University, Founder, Wild Sourdough Project The pandemic has spawned a new fascination with bread making. But many would-be-bakers found themselves in a bind–yeast sold out in stores right along with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. So that spawned a sourdough craze that’s still bubbling in some homes. See, you don’t need yeast to make bread rise. You just need flour, water and patience. The Public Science Lab at North Carolina State University is hoping this new excitement for sourdough will help them finally solve the mystery of just how it works. They’re asking people to document their sourdough starters and submit the data to the Wild Sourdough project.(Originally aired April 21, 2020).