Reject the Resolutions

Reject the Resolutions

The Lisa Show

Moral Dilemmas and Starting the New Year

Episode: Moral Dilemmas and Starting the New Year

  • Jan 20, 2021 2:40 pm
  • 16:58 mins

Over the past few weeks, we’ve spoken quite a bit about ways to make this new year a great one. We’ve gone over various ways to set and keep goals and resolutions. And now that we are three weeks into 2021, how are we doing with those desired changes? Have we remained strong? Or have we slacked off a bit and slipped back into old habits? Well today, we’ve invited Matt Peale, certified corrective exercise specialist, on the show to help us with our health and fitness goals. And he’s here to share how we can actually “reject the resolutions” in order to make long-lasting changes.