How Theater Happens

How Theater Happens

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How Theater Happens, Design

Episode: How Theater Happens, Design

  • Nov 6, 2015 10:00 pm
  • 51:22 mins

Guests: Tim Threlfall, Music Dance Theatre Program Chair at BYU; Shelley Graham, Adjunct Professor of Theatre at BYU and the Resident Dramaturg at the Covey Center for the Arts; Christopher Clark, PhD, Theatre Program Chair at Utah Valley University and Executive Producer for Robert Redford's Sundance Summer Theatre in Sundance, Utah; Melissa Leilani Larson, Award-winning Playwright and Screenwriter  Have you ever wondered what’s going on behind that empty stage in those minutes before it’s show time? Or what goes on in the days and months leading up to a show? Or before the show is even a show? How it goes from being somebody’s vague idea of a story to lines actors recite on stage?  We’re devoting our first hour to the magic of theater - How theater happens. And the panel we’ve assembled knows every detail of the process.