Voices from Jonesborough
  • Oct 11, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 56:36 mins

This is the season of the National Storytelling Festival, the event more prominent, perhaps, than any other in the story of the storytelling Revival in America. The festival is now in it’s forty-fifth year, and is characterized by more than ten thousand people descending upon the tiny town of Jonesborough, Tennessee, the oldest town in the state, to share a weekend’s worth of stories. This year, the festival features a lot of our favorites, as well as a host of new voices, and we’re going to bring you some of those folks on this episode of the Apple Seed: Tellers and Stories. Look it Up by Donald Davis (1:47) www.ddavisstoryteller.com The Apron by Madeline L Pots (17:11) www.madelinelpots.com Iron John and The Little Drummer Boy by Willy Claflin (45:20) www.willyclaflin.com