The Syria Situation

The Syria Situation

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The Syria Situation, A Spicy Cure, America's First Ladies

Episode: The Syria Situation, A Spicy Cure, America's First Ladies

  • Apr 19, 2018 11:00 pm
  • 28:23 mins

Guests: John Macfarlane, M.Phil., Professor of Political Science, Utah Valley University; Steven Lobell, PhD, Professor of Political Science, University of Utah; Scott Cooper, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science, BYU Nearly two weeks ago, a suspected chemical attack killed dozens of people in the town of Douma. The US, UK and France carried out strikes against the Syrian regime in retaliation for the attack, though Syria’s government says it was the opposition forces holed up in Douma who used the chemical weapons. We won’t know for sure until international experts have a chance to inspect the site of the attack, but those inspectors have yet to be allowed into the area by Syrian authorities, according to CBS News. The longer they’re delayed, the harder it will be to trace the evidence. We’ve got a panel of experts on hand to talk us through the significance of these latest developments in Syria.