• Jun 1, 2016 5:00 pm
  • 49:56 mins

Will BYU Football be ranked at any point this season?  When and why/ why not? The guys ask the twitter question and speculate what the record BYU would need to achieve in order to gain national relevnce this season. Why do they need to be ranked in October? More Big 12 news. The guys go to the Big 12 update center to get the latest good. or bad, news about BYU's quest to join a Power 5 conference. Listen up, or as Jarom puts it, "Wake me up... when they make a decision." Hayden Nielsen joins the show to talk about the recent dissapointment in the WCC Championship. After starting more than 200 games, what are his plans moving forward? What are his shots at a pro career? Also, listen to why Hayden has an 'in' with Wendy's, and why he has a special respect for the BYU lawn care crew. Zach Blackham joins the show to talk about his prospects on the BYU Track team. How has his high jumping career progressed? Mentally, how does he prepare for a jump, and what does he think of as he is actually jumping?