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Boeing, Off-Facebook Activity, Car Chases

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Feb 19, 2020
  • 01:40:15

Boeing’s Year-Long Struggle to Get 737 Max Back in the Air May Soon Be Over (0:33) Guest: Natalie Kitroeff, Reporter, New York Times It’s been nearly a year since Boeing grounded its 737 Max because of two crashes that happened within 5 months and killed 346 people.  Since then, a Congressional investigation surfaced internal Boeing emails that showed disdain for federal regulators and efforts to avoid some requirements to certify the 737 Max as safe for flight. Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote? (18:02) Guest: Christopher Uggen, Professor, Regents Professor and Distinguished McKnight Professor of Sociology and Law, University of Minnesota, Fellow of the American Society of Criminology More than six-million Americans won’t be able to vote in the presidential election this year. These are people who have been convicted of a felony – they’re either in prison or out on parole or probation. But some felons are banned from voting for life. It’s all up to the states, and only two states in the country allow all prisoners to vote. Facebook Has So Much More Info About You Than You Think (34:10) Guest: Alan Butler, General Counsel, Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington D.C. Have you noticed that ads on your Facebook feed are perfectly tailored to other stuff you’ve been doing online? Julie gets that Facebook knows what she is posting and liking on Facebook. How on earth would it know what she recently bought on Amazon? Or what podcast she listened to on the TuneIn app? Or movies she looked at on I learned all this recently – and you can too – from a new feature Facebook just debuted on their site that lets you see all the information it’s collecting about you when you’re off the Facebook page or app. It’s a shocking amount of info. The Apple Seed (50:39) Guest: Sam Payne, Host, The Apple Seed, BYUradio Sam talks about car chases and when he was involved with one in college. Why Can’t Los Angeles Stop Watching Car Chases? (1:00:49) Guest: Mary Melton, Editor and Writer, Principal, Mary Melton Media Car chases have become so common and entertaining in LA that it’s almost become a spectator sport. Friends will tell each other to turn on the TV when the news helicopter is following an intense chase. There’s even a Facebook group solely dedicated to posting about live pursuits. But these aren’t car chases in movies–these are real people in real danger. And some may be gunning it just because they know they’ll get on TV. So should car chases be televised at all? Ethiopia Is Building a Dam That Could Have Dramatic Political Repercussions (1:19:29) Guest: Richard Kyle Paisley, Director, International Waters Governance Initiative IAR, University of British Columbia This summer, Ethiopia will begin filling a new reservoir on the Nile River that will ultimately be the size of London. They’ve built a giant dam on the river that can generate enough electricity to bring its country into the modern era, plus extra to sell to neighboring countries. But there are nearly a dozen countries along the Nile River and many – including Egypt – get virtually all their water from it. Egypt and Ethiopia are right now at such odds over the dam that the US has been involved trying to help the countries settle their dispute without coming to arms. Show More...

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