My Little Accessory
  • Jul 24, 2019 1:00 am
  • 56:53 mins

Parenting is obviously more than just having children. Today, we sit down with Sam and his wife, Suzanne, and listen to a few stories about the lifestyle and identity changes that come with raising kids. From newborns to empty nests, there’s a story here for every stage of parenthood, so join us as we hear from Dolores Hydock, Robin Shulte, and Jay O’Callahan on the world of Mom, Dad, and budding child. On today’s episode, enjoy the following stories: “Independence” by Dolores Hydock on Inlaws and Outlaws (6:56) “My Little Accessory” by Robin Schulte on Jack & The Levitator (16:10) “Head First” by Jay O’Callahan on Dancing with Fire (8:34)