Children Reading, Shutdown Madness, Lead With Abundance

Children Reading, Shutdown Madness, Lead With Abundance

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 7, Episode 24

  • Jan 27, 2018 5:00 pm
  • 2:25:00 mins

Storytime a 'Turbocharger' for a Child's Brain (20:00) John Hutton, M.D., is a pediatrician and clinical researcher at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He owns a children’s bookstore in Cincinnati and has also written 24 children’s books. It turns out that one of the more overlooked parts of parenting is actually one of the most important. New research shows that reading with your child before bedtime can seriously stimulate brain development. It also shows that there are a few things parents can do to make storytime even better for their children. John Hutton on why reading to children is so important. Romney and Shutdown Madness (1:06:19) Boyd C. Matheson is president of Sutherland Institute, a conservative think tank that advocates for a free market economy, civil society and community-driven solutions. he was recently named Opinion Editor and Head of Strategic Reach at The Deseret News. Boyd Matheson discusses what the point of the 2018 government shutdown was and what the impact of a Mitt Romney would be in the current political climate in Washington D.C. Lead With Abundance Not Scarcity (1:58:28) Michele Attias has been a Personal Development coach and speaker for over 20 years. She coaches busy professionals helping them to be comfortable with making big decisions using a no-nonsense approach to get results. Every day we face challenges either professional or personal. Michele Attias says our mindset impacts how we deal with those challenges. We either operate from fear or scarcity mindset or from a trust or abundance mindset. Having a more positive outlook, recognizing that you have options in the face of adversity, you can overcome self-doubt.

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