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Children's Stories that Teach Joy and Values

Eyres on the Road
  • Aug 15, 2020
  • 28:45

Any parent or grandparent worth their salt has known the joy of reading to a child. And there are so many great stories to read! But the best stories are the ones that teach a principle. If a child's story teaches them the importance and the blessing of a VALUE, then that value will become a part of them. The Eyres, when they founded Joy School for preschoolers nearly 40 years ago, had no idea that over half a million families would use the curriculum and the stories and songs and activities in their homes. Recently a publisher called BushelandPeck took all of the stories from Joy School and put them into one anthology. Richard and Linda got so excited about it that they decided to share some of those stories on today's episode--and to give praise to the two-way joy that happens when parents or grandparents read aloud to young children. Show More...

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