Eyes to See
  • Feb 9, 2021 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Life is riddled with perspectives and perceptions. We may feel gratitude or ingratitude, anxiety or rest, busy or idle. And the trouble is, there’s no one right way to perceive it! Our own sight might be dictated by our needs and our identities. Today on The Apple Seed, we’re talking about sight: the ability to see ourselves and others for what we are. And in some cases, that sight might not even come through our eyes, so much as through our feelings. Motoko, Bil Lepp, Syd Lieberman, and Odds Bodkin share with us their own stories of people like us – people trying to see. On today’s episode, please enjoy: “What Buddha Sees” by Motoko from In Ghostly Japan “Denis Zwang’s Saxophone Prayer” by Sam Payne from Camelot The Daily Mix: a conversation with Stewart foster about the podcast, “The Allusionist” “Thinking Behind” by Bil Lepp from The Divine Bovine “Elijah and the Poor Man” by Syd Lieberman from Joseph the Tailor and Other Jewish Tales “The Rahjah’s Question” by Odds Bodkin from With a Twinkle in Your Eye