• Nov 13, 2013 7:00 pm
  • 58:25 mins

Sam Payne hosts this episode of "The Apple Seed" that features a variety of folk tales. Simon Brooks Story 1: Death in a Nut Teller: Simon Brooks Site: Notes: This is a classic folktale about the time Death wasn't able to do his job, and the consequences that followed. Jill Lamede Story 2: The Stone Before the Door Teller: Jill Lamede Site: Notes about this story: A young man seeks the help of a family friend as he searches for a bride. Norah Dooley Story 3: Simply Guido Teller: Norah Dooley Site: Notes: An Italian folktale about four friends. Three of them are scholars aspiring to fortune and fame while the other is, "simply Guido." Laura Simms Story 4: The Girl Who Walks in Moonlight Teller: Laura Simms Site: Notes: Some beauty is too precious to be seen during the day. This is the story of uncommon beauty and its consequences. Heather Forest Story 5: The Contest Between Wisdom and Luck Teller: Heather Forest Site: Notes: To determine who is more important, Wisdom and Luck give themselves to a young man who subsequently wins the love of a princess. Joel ben Izzy Story 6: The Old King and His Daughters Teller: Joel ben Izzy Site: Notes: A story about how treasures are to be shared with others.