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Three Steps to a Strong Family

Eyres on the Road
  • Feb 8, 2020 9:00 am
  • 29:01

Today, the Eyres talk about the three things that every lasting institution has: A set of rules or laws (a legal system), a way of sharing responsibility (an economy), and repeating rituals that hold people together (lasting traditions). If we want our families to be lasting institutions, we must have these same three things -- a family legal system, a family economy, and a set of powerful family traditions. If parents build these three things (or three steps) thoughtfully and deliberately, and if they involve the kids in creating each of the three steps, they will maximize their family's chance to thrive, to be strong, and to last. Listen in for the Eyres' insights on each of the three steps, and go to for more detail on implementing each of them.