Level Up Your Life

Level Up Your Life

The Matt Townsend Show - Season 1, Episode 1376 , Segment 2

Episode: Taxes and Mueller, Level Up Your Life, Single at the Holiday

  • Dec 18, 2017 5:00 pm
  • 23:47 mins

Steve Kamb is the author of “Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story”. He is the founder of nerdfitness.com. He has guest lectured at Google and regularly speaks at Vanderbilt University. Do you wish you had nerves of steel? Or the observation skills of Sherlock Holmes? Or perhaps the adventurous spirit of Frodo Baggins? We all have heroes in literature, movies, and video games. There are characters who have attributes and skills we wish we did. Steve Kamb talks about how to become your own superhero.

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