Magic Fish
  • May 29, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 58:18 mins

In this episode we’re diving deep into stories starring, well, fish. But not just any fish: fish with terrific, fantastical abilities that go beyond surviving a week. The fish in these stories embody the magic and wonder that often draws us in, like the tide, to the big blue sea. Sally & the Sea by Brett Dillingham (1:09) Erwin loves a girl named Sally who's very different from the other townspeople. She's enraptured by the sea so much so that she decides to live there. Learn more about Brett Dillingham by visiting: The Fisherman and His Wife by Leeny Del Seamonds (6:45) A fisherman catches a magical flounder but lets him go instead of taking him home to eat. When he tells his wife about it she makes him find the fish again so that it can grant them some wishes. Learn more about Leeny Del Seamonds by visiting: Davy and the Devil by Megan Hicks (28:36) Davy has a strong aversion towards fish but for one reason or another he works on a fishing boat, that is, until he gets fired and then decides to strike a deal with the devil. Learn more about Megan Hicks by visiting: Why I Don't Fish Anymore by Alan Hoal (42:02) Alan tells the story of one of his most memorable pets, or at least he tells it how he remembers it. Learn more about Alan Hoal by visiting:

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