Presidents Day
  • Feb 16, 2015 7:00 pm
  • 58:22 mins

Stories and interviews included in this episode: Story: George Washington and the Cherry Tree Teller: Mark Binder Website: Notes: A children's version of a popular presidential fable. Story: George and Martha Washington Teller: Lynn Ruehlmann Website: Notes: A story about our first president and his wife, from the point of view of Martha's friend. Story: Thomas Jefferson Teller: Lynn Ruehlmann Website: Notes: In this story, we spend a little time with the Jeffersons and their daughter, Patsy. Interview: Darci Tucker Site: Notes: Darci, who in addition to her work in Williamsburg, also produces and performs interactive pieces about American history. She was kind enough to drop by the studio to talk about her line of work and love of history. Story: Thanksgiving Day Proclamation Teller: Ron Fredrickson Notes: This piece, performed for KBYU Radio, is the text of Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation. Story: A Remarkably Normal Presidential Inauguration Teller: Allison Downey Website: Notes: A thoughtful commentary from the second inauguration of our current president.