Expeditions in Family
  • Oct 14, 2020
  • 56:50 mins

Often in life when family is involved in an expedition, a wild story arises. Whether it’s born from a strangers story heard at the grocery store, a bond formed between two sisters, or an accidental trip across country boarders, family can make any situation that much more exciting. Today on The Apple Seed we will hear several stories from Bruce Walker including ‘Stories heard from the Checkout Line’ and ‘Uncle Willis’ that include some fantastical tales about life. We will also hear the stories ‘Queen Mother Summer Palace’ by Mary Wright, ‘Fay and Bri Cation’ by Paul Strickland, ‘Shadow of a Cowboy’ by Andy Hedges, and ‘How They broke Away to go to the Rutabaga Country’ performed by a cast from Sandburg Out Loud, sure to put a smile on your face. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Stories Heard from the Checkout Line” by Bruce Walker from It Started Like This (7:50) To kick off today's episode, Bruce Walker shares a compilation of stories revolving around grocery stores. You'll hear "How May I Help You?" and "Oh the Stories You'll Hear", a couple of stories full of hope and understanding.  “Queen Mother Summer Palace” by Mary Wright from Mary Wright Stories (15:02)   To celebrate her 40th birthday, Mary Wright goes to Thailand to visit her sister. What starts out as a normal outing to the Queen Mother Summer Palace - a beautiful castle/garden - quickly turns into an accidental adventure.  “Fay and Bri Cation” by Paul Strickland from Ain’t True and Uncle False (6:28) The phrase ‘joined at the hip’ takes on new meaning in this tall tale from Paul Strickland. Fay and Bri Cation are two sisters who hold hands for so long that the skin on their hands fuse together.  “Uncle Willis” by Bruce Walker from It Started Like This (3:22) Family stories are sometimes a wild ride and this one is no exception. This story is about a man true to his literal word. You'll definitely want to hear how Uncle Willis gives his wife a ‘house warming’ for her new brick house. “Shadow of a Cowboy” by Andy Hedges from Shadow of a Cowboy Audio (6:34) Here's a nice, relaxing song from Andy Hedges, about a man reminiscing and day-dreaming about the cowboy lifestyle and the old west.   “How They Broke Away to go to the Rutabaga Country” by Carol Birch, Bill Harley, Angela Lloyd, and David Holt from Sandburg Out Loud (7:43) In this collaborative story from Carol Birch, Bill Harley, Angela Lloyd, and David Holt, a father, a daughter and a son who grow tired of their home. So they sell all they own and hop on a train headed to the farthest place they can go - Rutabaga country, where pigs wear bibs.