The Exception
  • Oct 24, 2017 6:00 am
  • 55:51 mins

The dictionary describes the word “exception” as “a person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule.” Adding onto that definition we often associate being the “exception” as being the lucky one, the one that gets to skip ahead in line, win the race or rule the kingdom because they happened to be different enough from everyone else. But it may not be that simple. After all if the balance tips in favor of one direction it has to dip back on the other side to balance out. On this episode of The Apple Seed we're exploring bitter and sweet aspects of being "the exception". Saving Father's Life by Glenda Bonin (1:33) A man leaves a posse chasing an outlaw to witness his daughter’s birth. But the man who takes his place isn't so fortunate. Learn more about Glenda Bonin by visiting: Burning of Tara by Cathryn Fairlee (3:59) A banshee turns Fionn MacCool's aunt into a dog and leaves her in the care of a notorious dog hater, but the dog-hating lord sees that there's something special about this dog. Learn more about Cathryn Fairlee by visiting: The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Heather Forest (20:24) The classic tale of a shepherd boy who abuses the cry for danger so that no one heeds him when a wolf actually appears. Learn more about Heather Forest by visiting: The Lovelorn Princess by Barry Stewart Mann (28:28) A princess who is not very pretty goes around kissing frogs in hopes of finding a prince and after kissing a certain frog "the spell is broken" only it's not what you expect. Learn more about Barry Stewart Mann by visiting: Bala Lake by Laura J. Bobrow (33:51) A friendly harper is led away from a mean king's party and when he wakes the next morning he is very surprised by what he finds. Learn more about Laura J. Bobrow by visiting: The Clog of Gold by Milbre Burch (39:50) An Iraqi Cinderella story wherein the protagonist is aided by a magical fish. Learn more about Milbre Burch by visiting:

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